Your Organization is thinking about or already implementing, upgrading or rolling out SAP® S/4HANA. To ensure you reach you destination with minimal bumps in the road, or to get around those that are slowing your progress, you need to get all the key players on board and moving in the same direction.

So if you want to:

  • Build momentum for your digital transformation initiative?
  • Create awareness about S/4HANA
  • Add fun and games in your journey of digital transformation?
  • Accelerate S/4HANA adoption?

Playing the ERPsim™ simulation game with your organization can help you achiece this. ERPsim™ is a live business simulation running on a real SAP® S/4HANA system. The simulation game is an interactive way to introduce people to S/4HANA. You don't need any SAP experiance or knowledge at all to be able to play the game. During the game you run your own company hands-on in a S/4HANA system. That's how you really experience S/4HANA. bsubstantive is certified to facilitate and host the ERPsim™ game for your organization.

First-hand experience

In competing teams, participants collaborate with their colleagues to solve realistic business problems,using the live software and their communication skills to master processes and take decisions. In this way, they explore the capabilities of SAP S/4HANA.

Awakened understanding

In a role that may not be their own in real life, perhaps wearing multiple hats, they become aware that the only way to win is to communicate both up- and downstream. They begin to understand how integrated processes are, and that what they do can either accelerate or slow change.

Champions of change

With new perspective and new understanding, your key people become the ambassadors and heralds of change. Reassured of their place in the organization and with insight into the improved results they could achieve with S/4HANA, they actively support an initiative they now truly believe in, convincing others in their turn

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Yes I would like to get information about ERPsim

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